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Sandro Battaglia & Maxëne Aly

With a flair for incorporating modern designs and versatile fashionable tailoring, Battaglia & Aly are currently at the forefront of the made-to-measure fashion scene blending traditional craftsmanship with unique, innovative, and evolving trends.


Custom-made to the client’s exact measurements, Battaglia & Aly provide a unique experience by offering individual expression by allowing its clientele to choose through a wide range of exclusive and sophisticated fabrics and accessories to complete and compliment any style.


The Battaglia & Aly brand epitomizes confidence and individuality, and adds a sense of panache to traditional-style men’s apparel such as jackets, pants, and shirts.


By incorporating the client’s vision along with their own experience as fashion designers and technicians, Battaglia & Aly deliver a refined product tailored to excellence.

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